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FRC GamePlan

開発者 Christian Colglazier

GamePlan is a novel Android application that allows teams to effectively strategize upcoming matches by configuring a complete field, outlining potential alliance strategies, and sending them between students/mentors/additional teams. Developed utilizing Android Material Design, the app provides a blank field for drive teams and strategists to customize according to the needs of upcoming matches. Drivers and coaches can quickly manipulate the DEFENSES, add ROBOTS (with optional designs tailored to offensive or defensive roles), show BOULDERS, and draw out potential ROBOT movements across the field.
Any plans drawn can be saved (permanently, if chosen) and even restored for matches at later times or later competitions. This feature allows teams to pre-strategize matches for expedited efficiency during match planning.
In addition, the app contains new SENDING features! Utilizing Bluetooth technology, teams can send match strategies from the stands to the field or pits (maximum 700 ft. - device dependent). Furthermore, these plans can be shared with other teams utilizing GamePlan, giving them the capacity to manipulate and save these designs as well.
Created by Atif Niyaz and FRC 868: TechHOUNDS.
You may find Atif Niyaz at or email him at atifniyaz19@gmail.comYou may find FRC 868: TechHOUNDS at and or email them at